Quarantine Diary: How to Deal With Cabin Fever?

As the pandemic spreads, many cities and countries are under community quarantine or lockdown. What could a traveler do when they can’t travel? Do you feel restless yet? How do you deal with cabin fever?

Cabin fever is the restlessness felt for being inside too long. A person can experience listlessness or irritability from prolonged isolation. Even when you’re not in isolation, being stuck inside with a group of people can induce cabin fever as well. We are also referring to the stress one can experience during this lockdown as we combat COVID-19.

Please know that you are not alone.

This article does not aim to romanticize this period of isolation either. Still, we have different ways on how to handle stress, and whatever you are feeling or how you are responding to the situation, they are all valid.

Nevertheless, we hope that you see this time as a chance to recharge from all the work and traveling you have been doing for the past years. I had to admit that I, myself, had experienced travel fatigue after traveling almost every month last year. Honestly, jetting around in such a way can be exhausting. Exhaustion reduces my energy to appreciate the smaller little things that travel is supposed to grant us. Therefore, I am grateful for this period of being at home with my family. So far, I don’t miss traveling yet, but I am giving myself another month, and fingers crossed that by then, the situation gets better.

Now, that the chances of traveling outside the country are getting lower in the next couple of months, we will have to calm our itchy feet with these easy remedies:

Deal with Cabin Fever by Finding Something to Do.

Return to the hobbies that you’ve neglected for a while. Touch base on things you enjoy doing that you’ve set aside because of busy life. It’s your time to get back into reading and tick-off books from your to-read list. Take that online course you’ve saved on your browser. Edit past travel photos for a newsletter to be sent to your friends. Or perhaps, use this time to brainstorm that business idea you’ve had for a while. If you already have a business, start strategizing on how you will bounce back after this lockdown.

In short, you can make use of this time to be productive.

However, if you simply just want to watch travel blogs or documentaries like National Geographic, that’s okay too. You don’t have to feel guilty of not being productive. If there’s anything this pandemic teaches us, it’s that life is too short to be not doing things you enjoy. 

Recommendation: Watch Crime and Punishment. It is a 1969 movie based on a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Full episodes with English subtitles are available on YouTube.

Get in Touch with Someone You Love

Call your friends and family to ask them how they are. Social distancing does not mean you should not catch up anymore. Make use of technology or free phone call apps.

Need to set up a meeting with your colleagues? You probably have heard of Zoom. And no, we don’t believe they are behind the virus either. 

Make Plans So You Have Something to Hope For

It’s time to update your bucket list and look forward to traveling again once the situation gets better. This time, think of a place you have always wanted to go to never have a chance to. Maybe it’s the national parks of Kyrgyzstan, the out-of-this-world landscapes of Namibia, or the newly opened Saudi Arabia. The world has so much to offer!

These are dark times, but we remain optimistic that we will soon travel without worry again. In the meantime, I hope you are keeping a strong resistance, healthy body, and washing your hands regularly.

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