5 Ways of Defining Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is not only defined by the price you pay. When it comes to hotels, the tourism industry may seem saturated with plenty of five-star hotels to choose from, and confusion is natural, especially for the non-connoisseurs. Realistically, only a few gets it right – only a handful is at the top of it all. 

After a decade in luxury travel, I have witnessed how luxury is interpreted across the globe. And while each has their own language and characteristics to boast about what they have to offer, they all play by the same factors and rules revolving around what truly matters in a holiday: the guests and satisfying their pleasures. 

When every hotel can easily categorize themselves as five stars nowadays, how do you distinguish what’s only expensive from real luxury? Here is a crash course on what keeps a hotel at the tip of a luxurious iceberg.

Luxury Travel Could Mean A Sanctuary Away From It All

Any hotel with over 100 rooms can scare a specific number of guests who prefer to be truly away from it all. Aman resorts, among the most expensive hotels in the world, offers exclusive privacy. With minimalist design blending into its breath-taking environment, and only an approx. 60 rooms in every property, there’s no wonder why #Amanjunkies plan their holidays around the properties’ location. The Amangiri in Canyon Point, USA, is the perfect base point in navigating the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. 

Exceptional Wanders | 5 Ways of Defining Luxury Travel 1
Amangiri, Canyon Point, USA

Luxury Travel is About an Experience Like No Other

When it comes to  old English nostalgia, no one does it better than Belmond in today’s world. The experience starts when you enter the hotel grounds, bringing you back several decades ago, and yet, the breath of contemporary – that’s unbelievably magical is still present. Some of my favorites include Road to Mandalay, where you can witness thousands of temples in Bagan from the river cruise. Or how about taking a train from Paris to Istanbul with the Venice Simplon Orient Express, which epitomizes the glamour and elegance of the golden old age travel? 

Exceptional Wanders | 5 Ways of Defining Luxury Travel 2

Luxury Travel Means Receiving Top-Notch Service

Going beyond the expected service is what AndBeyond does best. The moment you arrive after a Serengeti safari game drive, you are handed with a cold towel and a drink quenching your thirst while greeting you with joyful African songs. Anticipating needs even before the guest asks for it is the perfect way to describe genuine hospitality. Plus, it may sound like a myth, but do you know that their safari guides go into months of survivor boot camp, making their guides the finest in the industry?  

Exceptional Wanders | 5 Ways of Defining Luxury Travel 3
Serengeti Safari

It is Also About Environmentally Friendly and Socially Responsible Travels

Six Senses approach sustainability through a number of ways. To name a few, the luxury brand makes smart use of the land topography, orientation, and renewable building materials to create spaces that are vibrant and alive, employ the local community, and most importantly, they produce their own drinking water totally eliminating the use of plastic bottles. By focusing on the wellness of the hotel environment, each stay promises a meaningful stay to the guest. 

Exceptional Wanders | 5 Ways of Defining Luxury Travel 4

Luxury Travel Means Trying Mouth-watering Cuisine

To travel well, you must eat well. To distinguish top-of-the-world cuisine, it must awake all the senses making every bite memorable. Relais & Châteaux is where your taste buds can indulge in authentic, sumptuous, and creatively done cuisines. Sixty years in history bring us 580 hotels and restaurants to choose from. 

Exceptional Wanders | 5 Ways of Defining Luxury Travel 5
Sol y Luna – Relais & Chateaux – Peru

The trends in this ever-changing industry may evolve, but the classic principles remain the same that if done right, guests don’t only get the best value out of their money. Each luxury property can also engrave priceless memories lasting a lifetime – and that’s a real pleasure!

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