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Exceptional Wanders | Our Exceptional Team 1

Cindy Wong

A decade in designing my guests’ travel experiences, there is always something new to learn. Communication has to go both ways thus relationship with trust is essential, so I can have tailor-made experiences that suit their styles and preferences. We are after the personalized service in such an automated world where you’re supposed to get everything within your fingertips.

As a passionate traveler, I still feel thrilled every time I think about the next adventure. And after every place I have visited, I would come back home feeling changed; redefined. Traveling has always been eye-opener to people, places and culture beyond our wildest imagination. Pictures don’t do justice that you have to be there in the middle of it, and experience the epiphany.

I have always been fascinated with the colors of the Middle East: from the bustling souks of Morocco, the deepest secrets of Egypt, the beautiful mosques of Iran, its rich history stretching all the way through the Silk Road to China. There are thousands of stories waiting to be told and there is so much to explore.

My favourite places: Iran, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.
Next on my list: Antarctica, Italy and Botswana

Exceptional Wanders | Our Exceptional Team 2

Aileen Jizmundo

I've been working with a travel agency for decades. This job gives me an opportunity to travel, meet new friends and experience different cultures, foods and, traditions. I want to share this experience with others to help plan their dream destination. One in my bucket list is to travel to Greece and visit Basilica of Barcelona with my Family.

Exceptional Wanders | Our Exceptional Team 3

Catalina Magno

Catalina Magno grew up simply in the province of Zambales, an environment rich in natural resources. She lived by the river, and a few minutes from the sea where she can swim every day.

Her heart belongs to 10 million Filipinos abroad, and that is proven when she founded Youth Enrichment Program Pinas, OFW@HomeConnect, a couple of years ago co-founded Pinoy Impact and her own Pinoy Impact Workshop. These organisations help OFW to enrich and improve their lives especially upon their reintegration back to the Philippines.

Exceptional Wanders | Our Exceptional Team 4

Tina Gabor

Working in a travel agency has given me an opportunity to travel to other countries. Here, I have experienced seeing great places and scenery, meeting great people and eating their local foods. Taking pictures are one of the highlights of my travel. I have always been fascinated in architecture and street photography. Given this opportunity to travel, I am passionate about helping others to experience everything the world has to offer.

As a tennis fan, I would love to go to these cities during the clay court season – Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, and Paris.

Exceptional Wanders | Our Exceptional Team 5

Kate Jam Velez

As a self-proclaimed homebody, traveling wasn't high on my priorities. Whenever I get a chance though, I gravitate towards the beach, churches and museums. Trying local cuisine is the lure that makes me want to pack my bag and hop on the next bus.

I'm Exceptional Wander's resident tech mistress but I'm slowly dipping my toes into the travel design. There's much to learn and the excitement awakens the wanderlust in me.