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With combined three decades of travel design experience and unrelenting passion, we got the knowledge and resources on what makes a holiday. The world may be big, but we make it your oyster!

We offer unbiased recommendation from handpicked boutique to luxury hotels and worked only with tried and tested guides. This is to ensure that you, our curious guest, can truly culturally immerse in the destination. Learn directly from the experts at a balanced pace, also leaving enough time for you to explore.

Exceptional Wanders is about the real tailor-made because we listen to what you say and what you don’t say. We care about your holiday, and allocate sufficient time, to ensure everything goes seamless. With amazing service, we offer you Exceptional Wanders!

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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

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Contact our travel consultants at inquiries@exceptionalwanders.com to discuss your tour preferences

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